Traveling keeps our curiosity alive

It has been 10 years since Sjoerd and I first traveled the world together. We were amazed as well as inspired.

Our curiosity got us to mysterious places and all we wanted since was to share our passion and ‘travel happiness’ as we call it. So we started Reis-Expert.

Looking back it’s been one hell of a journey and I would’ve never have guessed that it would bring us to where we are now.

Die with memories. Not dreams.Anthony J James.

Each day we inspire thousands of travellers to travel the world. From just the two of us we now work with a team of happy travelers who all help us to pursue our dreams.

We are all born with a desire to explore, but this drive to explore fades over time. Other desires, like predictability, take over.


By traveling, we keep our curiosity alive.

We believe that everyone should travel the world. Whether it’s to nearby countries or remote places. Whether it’s 7 days or 7 months.

We may inspire you with our website, and I hope we do, but it’s up to you to make that choice and explore the world.

And I hope you do.

Sail the oceans. Travel to remote beaches. Be amazed by different cultures. Watch the sun set. Stay long enough to see it rise again. Sleep under the night sky. Wander through cities. Hike the jungle. Spend hours in crappy busses. Get annoyed and enjoyed at the same time. Dance with strangers. Make new friends. Fall in love. Get your heart broken… and do it all over again.

Traveling can be challenging sometimes, but finding that one magical place is like seeing the world as a kid. Filled with a sense of wonder.

It’s a cliché, but if you dream big, work hard, listen to people but trust your guts, be persistent, challenge yourself and make mistakes, dreams do come true as long as you have the right intentions.

Happy travels!